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How to convert a video to standard 720p/1080p format

If you have a video that is not supported by a NEUMI digital photo frame, here’s a quick tutorial using free software to convert the video into standard 720p/1080p format so that it plays without issue.

Step 1: Download and install Handbrake video converter

Download and install the free Handbrake video converter software from

Step 2: Open your video using Handbrake

Run the Handbrake software, and drag/drop your video into Handbrake:

Step 3: Choose the output format of your video

  • In the Preset box, choose General – Fast 1080p30
  • In the Format box, choose MKV or MP4, either selection is fine
  • Click on the Browse button and select the output folder and file name for the converted video. IMPORTANT: If you selected “MP4” as the output video format, make sure that the output file name has “mp4” as the file extension.

Step 4: Adjust video output dimensions

Click on the Dimensions tab and make the following changes:

  • In the Anamorphic box, choose “None”
  • Place a checkmark in the box for “Keep Aspect Ratio”
  • Under the Cropping option, select “Custom”
  • For the Top, Left, Right, and Bottom boxes, enter “0” for all four boxes

Step 5: Encode your new video!

Click on the green “Start Encode” button and wait for the conversion process to finish. Try out your newly converted video, it should play perfectly!

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