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NEUMI ATOM V2, 4K Lite, 4K V2 Firmware Recovery

These firmware recovery instructions apply to the following NEUMI digital media player models:

  • ATOM – V2 Only, S/N must start with “ATOMV2”
  • ATOM 4K – V2 Only, S/N must start with “AT4KV2”
  • ATOM 4K Lite

Please do not use the procedures on this page for any other player model. Please email SUPPORT@NEUMITECH.COM if you have any questions about identifying the model and version of your NEUMI digital media player.

1. Materials needed

You will need a microSD card for the ATOM 4K or an SD card for the ATOM and ATOM 4K Lite. This procedure cannot be performed with a USB drive. The microSD or SD card must be between 2 GB and 32 GB. All microSD/SD card content will be erased as part of this procedure. Be sure to copy off and back up any files from the microSD/SD card you want to keep.

2. Download the recovery firmware

Download one of the recovery firmware that corresponds to your NEUMI digital media player model and extract it to access the “IMG” file contained within the downloaded ZIP file.

3. Download and run the NEUMI firmware tool.

Click on the following link to download the firmware tool, and extract it, double-click on the “SD_Firmware_Tool.exe” to run it.

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and double-click on the “SD_Firmware_Tool.exe” to run it:

4. Create firmware update drive

In the Firmware Update Drive Tool window, select your microSD or SD card in Step 1, then load the downloaded firmware “IMG” file in Step 3. Then click on the “Write SD” button. Please double-check that you selected the right microSD or SD card before clicking on the “Write SD” button.

5. Perform firmware recovery

With the NEUMI media player connected to a TV, disconnect power from the NEUMI media player, disconnect all USB drives, and insert the firmware recovery microSD/SD card into the NEUMI media player. Reconnect power to the NEUMI media player and the recovery firmware installation will begin automatically. Watch for the following message to display on the TV screen:

Upon seeing this image, remove the microSD/SD card from the NEUMI media player. The player will resume with the next phase of recovery firmware installation during which the NEUMI logo will be displayed on the screen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is neumi-firmware-recovery-logo.png

When the firmware recovery is complete, the NEUMI media player will display the main menu. This firmware recovery process may take up to 15 minutes to complete, please wait patiently and do not interrupt it.

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